Alan Mathew

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Wonder frolics of marketing….#anchoring effect

So, winters are finally here, after months of staying indoor in lockdown you finally step out for some winter shopping, you come across the perfect leather jacket you try it on, click some pictures and got your friends approval, you reach for the price tag and boom! $500 way out of budget! You settle for another jacket that costs you $200 and with tax $300 you walk to the cash counter and the salesperson lets you know that there is sale on previous year’s stock and the first jacket which you chose is now only…

Economics for long and even today for most, is a Social Science and do not constitute true “sciences”, such as physics or mathematics. In other words, there exists an apparent distinction between natural sciences and social disciplines that makes conventional scientific method inapplicable in social disciplines. But the fact is, unlike physics, economics deals with people, their perceptions and irrationalities. A model that worked one day will not work the next time because of the rapidly changing moods of players. That is exactly where Data Analysis steps in to evaluate the Big data set to study the perceptions of the…

Alan Mathew

An Economics student of varied interest

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